Ashley Does: The Father Daughter Dance

I remember my dad taking me to the Girl Scouts Father Daughter Dance. It was a Hawaiian theme. I was probably 9. I felt so grown up, I got to wear tights and fancy shoes and go somewhere with just Daddy. No mom, no pesky little brother, just me and him.

Can you imagine my excitement now, watching my husband take our daughters to their first Father Daughter Dance? This man that I adore, to whom I promised my life 9 years ago, is dressing up and taking his sweet baby girls to dance. Something he HATES to do. He doesn’t even take me dancing and believe you me, I’ve attempted every feminine wile I possess to change his mind. Strike.Out.

Seeing the excitement on Olivia and Eleanor’s faces as they pick out outfits, sit still (WHAT?!) to get their hair done, and bounce all over the house asking “is it time yet? How about now?” makes me love my husband more than ever.

I’ve heard women say, and seen it written in several articles, that a man is most attractive to his wife when he is loving their children. It is so true, men. Whether the children are yours, mine, or ours, loving them and treating them like princes and princesses makes you irresistible. I never understood it until we had Olivia. I remember one night I was up pacing the living room until 3 in the morning with a tiny, screaming newborn. I was beat and emotional. Joe took her and let me sleep for six straight hours. I found him so stinking attractive when I woke up at 9 in the morning and saw him cuddling our baby girl. It’s the same feeling I get now watching him open the door to the car for his princesses to get in as they leave for their dance.

When they got home and told me the whole story of the pictures and the music and the girls and their dad dancing with them my heart melted right there. The prom-esque picture they brought home, along with a carnation for each of them, the video Daddy took of them standing on the stage singing “Let It Go” with 30 other little girls…priceless memories they will cherish for years to come. And I don’t think Daddy had too bad of a time, either.

Father daughter_dance

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