Ashley Does: One of Those Days

Some days are just “those days.”

Two of five family members got NO sleep last night.

We woke up late.

No one had breakfast. (#MomWin)

Got cut off in the drop off line at school.

Looked like a bum.

But the Lord is faithful, so these days usually land on Thursdays. And on Thursdays, we have MOPS.

MOPS means I get to walk in, an exhausted, hungry bum with a 3-year-old who dressed herself 2 minutes before we ran out the door and sit for 2 1/2 hours with other exhausted bums and have adult conversations. I get to talk, laugh, cry, pray, joke, drink hot coffee, and listen with these women. And not a single one of them mentions the bags under my eyes except to say “you too, huh?”

I frequently write about MOPS because it is actually my life’s blood some days. Some seasons, let’s be honest. I would have gone (much farther) off the deep end a million times by now had it not been for this saving grace.


Some of my favorites and me at MOMCon 2015!

Kids aren’t sleeping? There’s a MOPS meeting for that. Feeling insecure as a mom or wife? MOPS. Need a scrapbooking buddy? Accountability for The Whole 30? Walking partner? Book recommendation? Prayer warrior?

MOPS, y’all.

Today, as I said, was one of those days. And it’s Thursday so when I plopped down at the table with 6 other mamas, I didn’t have to explain the crazed look in my eyes. But when I did, the feeling of camaraderie was instant.

Guess what? I’m not the only one having a crappy morning. I’m not the only one feeling insecure or inadequate. I’m not the only woman out there wondering what I can do to help fix “that thing” in my marriage. There were 7 of us at a table who walked into a room carrying the same baggage and we cultivated a safe place to open it up and examine it. Talk about it. Get advice, give prayer, and problem solve.

It’s like magic. (OK, it’s not magic, it’s Jesus. But allow me my hyperbole please.)

Two and a half hours of girl time later and I was able to patiently walk hand-in-hand with Caroline out to the car AND stop to watch a bunny cross the road (I couldn’t make it up if I tried) and actually enjoy it.  I’m a better mom and wife because of the friendships I’ve made at MOPS. The mentors I’ve found there. The women who come speak life into the group. It makes Those Days into Amazing Days.

Plus, the coffee is hot and basically unlimited, the food is always good, and every so often we get to make a pretty sweet craft.

Does life get any better than that?

Sometimes, when you are with your BFF (who you met at MOPS!) you make stupid faces. Just because. We’re so purty.


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