Ashley Does: Changing How We Party

You get an invite to a girls’ night in. Margarita Monday.

Sounds fun, right? I could totally go for some girl time and margaritas!

Then, you see it. A logo. A brand. A consultant’s name. A website.

Oh Lordy, not another boring direct sales party! If I have to go listen to a sales rep hard sell me on her product, business opportunity, or hostess perks for an hour, I will never recover. I better just tell my friend, who I’d love to hang out with, that I can’t come so I don’t have to sit through that torture and then feel bad that I don’t buy anything.

Guys, do you see what’s wrong with this picture?

As a Creative Partner with Initials, Inc, I have discovered that it is really stinking hard to get people to commit to a home party, let alone get anyone to come to said party. A party, y’all. With drinks and food and friends and chatter and no kids.

Why can’t we get anyone to commit to this type of shenanigans? It sounds like so much fun to me!

It’s because we, as sales women, make the party all about US. All about OUR product and OUR business and OUR perks.

I have some hard news for you, friend. No one wants to sit on a couch or in a chair and listen to you talk about yourself for an hour. Or a half hour. Or ten minutes, let’s be honest. Girls get together to have fun. To drink wine and paint masterpieces and share stories and talk about EACH OTHER. And, yes, to shop. But not to be sold to.

The most successful events I have had with my business have been parties that I happened to set up my bags at. Parties where friends have gotten together to socialize and they end up over in my part of the living room, playing with purses and telling each other how fantastic they look holding that color, or how old they’ll look carrying that pattern around all day. I walk into that house a relative stranger and leave with new friends (and full order forms and calendar).

That is a successful direct sales party.

I challenge you now, dear sisters in sales: make your next party a “Jane’s” party, NOT a “my direct sales biz” party. Coach your hostess to invite her friends over for an actual girls’ night – help her convey to them that there will be no hard sell. There will be no guilt for not placing an order from her or from you. There will be no long winded presentation. There will be no games about catalog knowledge. There will only be a party with their friends and a potential new friend who has some pretty cool stuff they can look at our learn about. I truly believe your business and your social life will benefit from it!

**Disclaimer: I know there are some companies such as makeup, cooking, and oils where a presentation is absolutely necessary. I still challenge you to find a way to make your presentation the side kick to the party, not the main event. I promise you, the guests will feel much more like you care about them and their time and will probably have a much more full order form!**

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