Ashley Does: Family Weekend

Let me just start with this statement: We are a fivesome of weirdos. We know it, we own it. We relish in it.

On Saturday morning, Joe and I were lying in bed talking about what to do with the day (while the girls made a mess of the kitchen and watched cartoons, of course).

The conversation went like this:
“What do you have planned today?”
“I have to go to the post office and be at church at 4:45 for nursery duty, but other than that we have no plans.”
“Cool! Want to go for a walk?”

So obviously we ended up taking a road trip to Laramie, Wyoming.

This is how we work. It always has been – we just love to have adventures together! Joe worked as a courier for a very small business when we were starting out, which meant he worked about 18 hours a day 6 days a week. If I wanted to see him, I had to go along with him. We had so many adventures in those busy years, traveling all over the state and the neighboring states, just the two of us in the car.


Then two became three, and we easily kept up the road trips. When three became four Joe quit his job (that’s a story for another day) but we didn’t quit the trips. We have had so many amazing memories in the car, just driving around together. Talking, giggling, fighting (hey we have 3 kids!), discovering beautiful landscapes and watching the girls see wild animals for the first time.

We get a lot of weird looks and comments when we do stuff like take off to the Western Slope for peaches one Saturday, or decide to drive to Laramie for lunch. But it’s what we do. It’s how we capture our little people and bond with them. It’s our opportunity to be silly with them and have big talks about small things, and how we teach them to unplug and appreciate the scenery and how to be bored.

If you don’t already have impromptu adventures with your people, I encourage you to! One of our favorite things to do – that doesn’t require a long drive – is geocaching. Our girls call it treasure hunting and it is a great family activity. It’s educational without trying to be (map following, problem solving, that sort of thing) and so exciting! All you need is a GPS device (are you on one now? Thought so!), a pen, and a small trinket like a bouncy ball. Then go to this site and let the adventures begin!

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