Ashley Does: Waiting in Lines

Life is full of lines. Lines at the grocery store. Lines at the post office. A line of tiny humans asking me for juice.

We’re always waiting for something.

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Ashley Does: Lasagna Education

I posted this a million years ago on another blog I ran – I HAD to share it with you all. I hope you enjoy it!

I can’t tell you how happy lasagna makes me. The orderly fashion with which it must be constructed. The beautiful colors. The cheese. It’s comforting from beginning to glorious end.

It’s a work of ooey, gooey art and it is one of my favorite meals to make.

It recently came to my attention that there are still people out there – people I know and love, y’all – who don’t know how to make lasagna. That is simply unacceptable and I am here to fix that unspeakable problem tonight.

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Ashley Does: A Prayer For My Girls


In this season of mothering tiny humans, I often think about the lives I hope they have some day. And the challenges they will face along the way to becoming who they are supposed to be.

It’s scary. The world today, with technology and apps and bullies and pressure, it’s scary for our children. We were just talking this morning at MOPS about children having to pick a sport and a track at age eight. As a second grader, children are expected to know what they are going to be passionate about for the remainder of their adolescence so they can be successful at it – if she isn’t on the volleyball team at age eight, she definitely isn’t making the team as a teenager.

It’s lunacy.

But it’s their world. All I can do as their mother is help guide them through it.

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Ashley Does: Home Organization

I have been married for 9 years. During that time, we have accumulated a lot of crap.

I mean, a LOT.

Add 3 kids to the mix and there’s a never ending pile on my kitchen counter, overflowing toy boxes in the living room, and clothes and shoes crammed in to every corner of our house.

It’s overwhelming.

What’s a girl to do, besides get a bunch of super cute bins, bags, and caddies to organize it all?  Continue reading “Ashley Does: Home Organization”