Ashley Does: Home Organization

I have been married for 9 years. During that time, we have accumulated a lot of crap.

I mean, a LOT.

Add 3 kids to the mix and there’s a never ending pile on my kitchen counter, overflowing toy boxes in the living room, and clothes and shoes crammed in to every corner of our house.

It’s overwhelming.

What’s a girl to do, besides get a bunch of super cute bins, bags, and caddies to organize it all? 

Ah, girl logic! How I love it!

Before, I was using empty diaper boxes for basically everything. Toys in the living room. Books and games. Mail in the kitchen. I used what we had, and what we had was a lot of Luv’s boxes! When we were finally finished with diapers (can I get a hallelujah!) I realized that not only did my favorite organizing tool become hard to come by, but also that they are seriously ugly. Just not a cute or fun way to organize at all.

I ordered up a couple of Initials, Inc Bins and Binettes, a Round It Up, a Wall Organizer, and a few Pack It Pockets. Please, reader, feast your eyes:

This Bin holds all of our video games, DVDs, and card games.
My Binette is full of kids books…all in one place!
The girls’ Round It Up in Posh holds barbies and stuffed animals.
My Off the Wall Organizer houses all the stuff that used to be piled up on my counters.
My husband calls our junk drawer the divorce drawer…it’s much more organized now with pens and small tools in Pack It Pockets and rechargeable batteries and their charger in the YBL Case!

One tiny step at a time, my house is looking less like it was custom designed by a 3-year-old and more like grown ups live here. It’s a long process, but then so is raising kids!


Til next time!


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