Ashley Does: A Prayer For My Girls


In this season of mothering tiny humans, I often think about the lives I hope they have some day. And the challenges they will face along the way to becoming who they are supposed to be.

It’s scary. The world today, with technology and apps and bullies and pressure, it’s scary for our children. We were just talking this morning at MOPS about children having to pick a sport and a track at age eight. As a second grader, children are expected to know what they are going to be passionate about for the remainder of their adolescence so they can be successful at it – if she isn’t on the volleyball team at age eight, she definitely isn’t making the team as a teenager.

It’s lunacy.

But it’s their world. All I can do as their mother is help guide them through it.

Thank goodness I have backup. 

My prayer for my girls:

Lord, you gave me three little girls. I bet you thought it was pretty funny all those times I prayed for sons, being so sure I would have a house full of boys, while you sat there listening, knowing you had better things in store for me.

Louder things too, I tell you!

Thank you for my girls. I never knew I would enjoy the #girlmom life so much. But you know I worry about them. About their futures. About their hearts. So I come to you with simple requests:

That they  know you, first and foremost. When they know your love, the opinions of others don’t matter as much.
That they focus on what is important in life: school and friends and being themselves.
That they don’t let anyone else’s views define them. They are going to be world shakers and I know they will need help to stay strong in the time they are growing up. If they can know that their waist size, car model, and fashion tags don’t define who they are, they are going to be just fine.
That yours is voice of reason in the back of their minds when I can’t be – especially when it comes to boys.
That their hearts stay sweet. My girls love everyone, and if they continue with that attitude, they will always have a friend. I want them to be a safe haven in a sea of mean girls. Especially in middle school – Lord, please help protect those hearts!
That they find their passion and live it out to the fullest. If that’s horseback riding, painting, and interpretive dance, so be it. As long as they are doing what they love everything else will fall into place.
That the girls and women they surround themselves with are of like minds and hearts. That the friendships they make are healthy, life-long, life-giving relationships that build them up and not tear them down. Girls can be so mean to each other, and I pray that mine don’t fall into that trap.
That good men come into their lives (many, many years from now). Good men who know you, who see my girls as the priceless treasures that they are. And if they could come from fun families who love us, too, that would be an awesome bonus.
That they remember what Mom and Dad have taught them about acceptance, love, friendship, judgement, humor, and faith.
That they find healthy balances – whether that’s work and play, donuts and marathons, or family and career. I want them to have full, rewarding lives that they don’t feel guilty about.

At the end of the day, Lord, I need your help, too. Please help me be the mother these girls need. Please help me be a good example of everything I want for them so it just comes naturally to them.

Thank you for this life, Lord. I couldn’t imagine anything better.


The simple things, like a picnic on the grass watching ducks in the lake, are my favorite things!

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