Ashley Does: What (this) Mom Really Wants for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day.

If you are on the internet ever, there’s a chance you’ve seen the “What To Get Mom for Mother’s Day” videos going around.

Basically their message is leave mom alone. Let her sleep in. Do her chores. Give her the TV remote.

Don’t get me wrong…

Sleeping is in nice.

Having a clean house is nice.

Not having to adult is nice.

But you know what else is nice? Thoughtful gifts from my husband and kids. Their time. Their gratitude and appreciation toward me.

I hate the idea of Mother’s Day as a “day off.” I want to spend it with the people who made me a mom! And with MY mom! We are celebrating moms on Mother’s Day and dangit, I want to be celebrated. Not ignored.

Ignore me on Tuesday. Please. Please?


OK but really, what I want is something thoughtful. And in case you are my husband, kids, or anyone else who buys presents for Mother’s Day, here’s an easy to follow guide for gifts this mama would enjoy.

1. Paper Crafting – a.k.a. goodies for my planner

Guys. For real. The currency of my heart is stickers, washi, and fun pens. Lesbihonest here. Take a walk down the planner aisle at Michael’s or Hobby Lobby and throw a few things into your cart that you think I would like. Ooooh, or get me an Etsy gift card so I can go crazy for Libbie & Co. This gift is the perfect combination of functional and affordable you thought you were nailing when you got your mom that blender. But this will be well-relieved. Promise!

Pretty Things Sticker Haul

2. Anything to help me get organized – or at least look cute while I pretend to be organized

Crates. Anything that I can write on with chalk. Signs. Bins. Baskets. That Raskog  from Ikea. I also happen to know a great resource for organizational items you can personalize for free…just sayin’. You can’t beat an Initials, Inc Binette or Wall Caddy when you are trying to get all those school papers and bits of artwork organized!

Pretty Things Binette

3. Jewelry

Does this really need explanation? Especially something that commemorates motherhood, like a birthstone pendant for each kid, or a set of rings  with the kids’ names on them. You just can’t go wrong with something shiny and meaningful.

Pretty Things Rings
You can find these gorgeous stackable rings in KandSImpressions’ shop in Etsy:

4. Hand Made Keepsakes

My mom always told me that her favorite gifts were the ones that I made her. I didn’t really believe her until I was a mother myself. Those tiny hand prints, hand drawn family portraits, and cards made of mostly paste and marker mean more than just about anything you could buy at the store. My oldest likes to write stories and draw illustrations to go with them – those are some of my favorite gifts! And knowing that Daddy sat down with them to help them make something for me just makes him that much more attractive and that much more of a big deal to me.

Pretty Things Art

5. Time for Herself

Mom is bombarded by tiny humans asking for stuff all day (they need to be fed again?) on top of housework, errands, etc, etc, etc. So why not gift her a little me time? Moms are girls, and girls like to smell nice. They like face masks and anything that clarifies or detoxifies or moisturizes. A thoughtful bundle from Perfectly Posh, like the Posh To Meet You set for example, will be extremely well received. (The only caveat is that you must also allow her some time to use the products, without anyone knocking on the bathroom door or screaming. It’s in the fine print.)

Pretty Things Posh

The gist is this: When you get Mom something she really wants but won’t get for herself, you are touching her heart. We all know moms don’t buy things for themselves very often, they are hard working and often not very well thanked. Getting her something that you know she wants but won’t buy for herself, no matter how small, will fill her heart to bursting.

Leave the blender for a nice end-of-summer gift. Trust me, she’ll need all the margaritas by then.

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