Ashley Does: Pretty Things

I have 3 daughters.

My life is full of girly things: pink, purple, princesses, puppies, unicorns, accessories, makeup, and all things that smell nice.

Pretty things.

I am officially becoming a girly girl who loves pretty things.

Who saw that one coming? (Let me tell you: not my mom!)

One of my girls’ favorite things to do is have girls nights with Mommy. We pull out the little plastic tubs that I got at the hospital when they were born to be used as bathtubs at home…that’s a whole other story…some yummy scrubs and lotions, and nail polish.

I give them little pedicures and manicures, we chat and laugh and when it’s over, they end up in princess dresses adorned with jewelry, crowns, and their favorite purses.

This is the life I never imagined I would have. When I was young, I thought that I would have all boys and my life would be dirt, football, and ER visits.

My girls bring out the girly girl in me, in such amazing ways. They have shaped who I am becoming, how I choose to make a living, and the kind of example I am trying to set. And my girls are so proud of Mommy, always asking about my job and wondering how they can help (or benefit…let’s be honest no one loves the samples more than they do!).

It is out of this parenting of three very girly girls that Ashley Does: Pretty Things was born. It’s amazing to me that a girl who hated dresses (and who still can’t walk in high heels to save her life) now helps provide for her family with beauty products and purses. Two things I never would have even considered pursuing before I was a #girlmom. But now that I am, I have a better understanding of the importance of making life easier and more beautiful, no matter who you are or what phase of life you are in.

Pretty Things is my new adventure. I’m so excited to see where it takes us, not just financially – though no one goes into business hoping they won’t make money! – but also as a family. I am excited to see how I grow and push my boundaries with an industry that I never thought I would fall in love with but did in such big ways!

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