Ashley Does: Worst Mom Pride

There were many reasons I was the worst mom ever yesterday.

My girls were mad, they were cranky.

They stomped around and pouted and shot me dirty looks.

I am pretty sure they were talking about me in a not very nice way with each other, too.

I was so stinkin’ proud of myself, y’all!

Yesterday was one of those days where we were just not having it.

Let’s set the stage: the girls came to work with me, where they are used to having an older kid to play with while I work. The older kid wasn’t there yesterday, so the girls were unhappy, to say the least.

Caroline was being especially Threenager like, throwing fits and screaming at her sisters and refusing to listen to reason. (What, a 3-year-old who doesn’t listen to reason?!)

Eleanor, who is usually my peacekeeper, was poking the monster (that would be Caroline – in case you were wondering!). Taking her dolls, bossing her around, being generally defiant.

Olivia has unexpectedly transitioned into a surly pre-teen over the last several months so her attitude as you can imagine has been downright pleasant. Yesterday it was lots of eye rolling, bossing, backtalk, ignoring me (my personal favorite) and I swear she was seeking out new ways to annoy her sisters.

Allow me to add one vital piece of information: I find it hilarious. Infuriating at times, frustrating sure…but hilarious nonetheless. Their little acts of rebellion, the fits, even the defiant eye rolls – hilarious.

Joe and I have talked about this for years, even before we had kids. We’ve been looking forward to finding awesome consequences for our kids and it’s finally time to start doling them out. So when they call me the worst mom ever for doing just that, I take it as a badge of honor. I’m doing it right! YES!

Angry that I made you work together to clean up the basement full of toys that you destroyed? Mom pride.

Upset that your TV privileges were revoked because your laundry is still not folded and put away? Mom pride.

Convinced you will actually die while you’re pulling weeds after yelling at and hitting each other in the car? Mom pride. (Ok, that was actually Daddy’s but details)

What I’m saying here children, is this: Worst Mom Ever is not swayed by your angry looks or the not so nice things you have to say about how unfair I am. Worst Mom Ever loves you too much to let you act like heathens, even when you are making her crazy. Please remember that next time you think you’re going to die while pulling weeds or organizing your playroom.


One thought on “Ashley Does: Worst Mom Pride

  1. LOL! I can’t wait to be called the ‘worst mom ever’! I’ve given consequences, but my child does not have the influence of older siblings to put ‘worst mom ever’ in her head. It’s coming though, and I can’t wait!


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