Ashley Does: Work at Home Mom Hack (with free printable!)





Art supplies.

Blue socks.

A chorus of “MOM! I can’t find my _____!!” “MOM! Can you help me get ______!!”
You fill in the blank.

We’ve all heard it before. Ad nauseam.

Recently, I had the brilliant revelation that there comes a time in life that everyone must fend for herself. Get your own snack, drink, cup, plate, art supplies, and blue sock dangit!

(OK, maybe not the socks. I firmly believe they meet up in some secret compartment of the clothes dryer and conspire to make parents crazy.)

But, come on people, 6 and 8 year old children can fetch their own granola bars and water. Amiright?

This mama works from home.

While that means I have the unique opportunity to spend a lot of time with my kids, it also means I have the opportunity to spend a lot of time with my kids while I am working.

Summer has been especially fun in regard to this unique opportunity. And, as she usually is, necessity is the mother of invention.

Enter, the Kid Cabinet.

When we moved into this house, we did have the forethought to give the kids their own, floor-level cabinet in the kitchen for their cups and plates. It was part of the “get them to do their own stuff” campaign we had started.

Then, I added a work from home virtual assistant job to my two direct sales businesses. It seems like a perfect gig – and it is. Being able to work from anywhere is amazing and I have so much freedom with the work that I do. Parenting while working hasn’t been the issue – I’ve been able to be At Home Mom and it’s been wonderful.

It’s Working Mom who has suffered. When everyone seems to be getting along and entertained, I take that time to sneak away to my desk and attempt working on a project.

This is the time alarm bells start going off in my children’s brains. Mom has sat down. I need a snack now. Drinks. A pencil. A coloring book. MUST ASK MOM FOR ASSISTANCE!

A few weeks of being interrupted every time I sat down to work inspired me to add to the Kid Cabinet. It is now the happy home of their lunch boxes – the next step is the girls packing those suckers themselves! – granola bars, fruit snacks, juice boxes, applesauce squeezers, trail mix, and any other snack we buy just for the kids. (We even cleaned out a fridge drawer that now holds only mom-approved fruits and veggies that they can get themselves whenever they want without even asking! The freedom! The self-sufficiency! The work that’s getting done!)

The Kid Cabinet
The Kid Cabinet in all it’s glory! The kids know where they can find snacks and plates, making life easier and smoother for everyone!
Command Center
The new command center in our kitchen is just missing a calendar – I am still looking for one to fit the space!

It’s a work in progress and I just created an After School Routine for the inside of the cabinet to help the girls remember what they need to do when they get home, but so far I am pretty dang proud of it. The kids have learned that they can, indeed, grab a snack or a drink (or even their art supplies…but that’s a different post) without pestering Working Mom and the big girls are even taking it so far as to grab supplies for their toddler sister. Everyone is happier!

We are always looking for new snack ideas: What would you and your kids put in the Kid Cabinet?

Until next time!

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