Ashley Does: No New Year’s Resolutions!


Every year it’s the same thing:

I’ll lose weight
I’ll save money
I’ll get organized
I’ll be better/faster/stronger

When is the last time you made a New Year’s Resolution and actually stuck to it?

Yeah, same here.

So this year, I have decided not to make any New Year’s Resolutions.

At the end of the day, resolutions are easy to break. I can resolve to go to the gym, but then three weeks later find myself sleeping in again, and wasting the money I spent on that membership.

I can resolve to organize my life, but soon enough the piles of stuff start to accumulate again.

So, what can I do to better myself in the new year?


I can assign a word (or two – I’m indecisive!) to the year.

This is the theme song to which I will live 2017.

I have declared Victory over 2017. Personally, 2016 was not a banner year. It was really hard. It took the personal hardships from the end of 2015 and ran with them for months. It tried again and again to take me down and when things finally started to look up – it was over. For me, 2017 will be full of redemption, progress, and most of all – Victory!

For many years, I have basically buried myself in stuff. Commitments. Drama. Stress. Actual stuff. It has created a weight on my shoulders that I am ready to shed. Therefore, in 2017 I have decided Less will be my theme. I am working on getting rid of things, situations, relationships, and commitments that drain me rather than feed me.

I plan to print this graphic out and hang it in my bedroom as a reminder every day that I have promised myself to be better this year. To live better. To do better. And to do it all with less than I had the year before.

My goal is to do something every day with these words in mind to better myself, my family, my business, and my relationships with God and people. I am really excited to see what my life looks like this time next year with so much less there to distract me from what really matters: God, my family, and my passions!

What are your words for 2017? I’d love for you to share them on my Facebook page!

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