Ashley Does: That One Time My Husband Said I Smelled Like An Old Lady

I’ma let that title sink in for a moment.

Could you imagine coming to bed after doing your nighttime skin routine, only to have your husband kiss you goodnight and ask:

“Why do you smell like an old lady?”

Guys I was thirty. I wasn’t old.

Needless to say, I tossed my night creme and started shopping for something new. 


All women understand the struggle: finding the best combination of affordable, effective skin care that doesn’t make you smell like an old lady before your time.

I am personally a direct sales junkie. If you know me, you know on any given day I use or wear on average five different direct sales products. That doesn’t get me any direct sales medals – I know for certain my friend and direct sales idol Brenda Ster has been known to rock ten or more at once!

Perfectly Posh, LuLaRoe, Younique pictured. Used that morning: Pampered Chef and Initials, Inc!

Because of this awesome addiction, I looked to direct sales companies for my skin care routine. I didn’t want to shop at a drug store and buy whatever cheapest, chemical-filled skin care line I could. I wasn’t a teenager anymore. It was time to move beyond what I was used to an on to something more naturally-based and, honestly, grown up.

The first skincare line that I tried, I tried because it had been around forever and had a great reputation.

Cue the old lady smell.

My next step was Perfectly Posh. I had heard about it in a Facebook group I was in and was interested. I requested some samples and my consultant outdid herself! I got a huge package of catalogs, pamphlets, and adorable sample packets wrapped in a purple mesh bag.

It was love at first try. The soap smelled delicious and didn’t dry my skin out. The hand creme didn’t leave me feeling like an oil slick. And the best part? When I came to bed after trying the night creme, Joe said, “Why do you smell like….dessert?” SCORE!

If Cackle Spackle isn’t part of your life….it should be!

Since then, I have researched, used, and joined Perfectly Posh. I love the products, and that they are made in the USA. I love the mission of the company and the people I work for and with. I love that the ingredients are the best there are, natural and sustainably sourced*. I love that the company is cruelty-free with plenty of vegan options. I love how the products make my skin feel, the confidence I have gained from the redness in my cheeks and on my arms fading away, and of course the fact that I smell like dessert instead of an old lady!

I call that a win.

Learn more about the products and the business side of Perfectly Posh in my Facebook VIP group, The Pretty Things Lounge!

*Sustainably sourced, natural, and Rainforest Alliance Certified ingredients are used whenever possible. Fillers made from soy or gluten, or irritating or controversial chemicals are never used and never will be!

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