Ashley Does: 10 Ways To Fill Your Cup First

Being a woman is exhausting.

It is our nature to take care of everything and everyone around us.

Our families. Our spouses. Our children. Our work. Our homes.

Often times, it’s hard to remember to stop and take a minute to breathe.

There’s a saying that I have been repeating to myself a lot lately:

You can’t pour from an empty cup. 

It’s so true. Filling everyone else’s bucket may be something we do naturally, but it’s draining. And when we are drained, we can’t be the best version of ourselves.

We end up exhausting ourselves, becoming resentful, or even depressed.

For our mental, spiritual, and physical health, the best thing we can do is take care of ourselves before we try to take care of others. Not unlike when the flight attendants tell you to attach your own oxygen mask before helping others – you’re no good to anyone else if you can’t breathe!


10 Ways To Fill Your Cup


  1. Exercise
    Sometimes, something as simple as taking a walk or doing some yoga can really refill your tank. Put on some of your favorite music and move your body! As we all know,

    Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy. Happy people just don’t shoot their husbands. -Elle Woods

  2. Breathe
    Focus on positive in, negative out. Deep, controlled breathing is shown to reduce stress and allow you to focus on what you need to get done. Picture peace coming in and chaos going out with each breath you take.
  3. Get some alone time
    There isn’t a mother among us who hasn’t locked herself in a bedroom or bathroom – or heck, a closet! – at least once. Alone time is vital to your well being! Even a few minutes to think, clear your head, cry, or just be can recharge your battery so you can go back out and face the day. I personally like drives by myself; they give me peace to think and work things out!
  4. Do something you love
    Do you have a hobby you love to do, but never seem to have time to do it? Go do it! See a movie, paint, sew, go to a festival…whatever you love to do, make time to do it. Nothing fills our cup more than doing something fun and remembering what life is all about!
  5. Write it down
    Journaling is a healthy outlet that many people don’t take the time for. In a world where many people feel isolated, writing down feelings and the goings on of day to day life can be extremely therapeutic. I suggest making some time at least once a week to write down your thoughts, your fears or stresses, your goals and triumphs, and be sure to read through your journal periodically to see how far you have come!
  6. Call a friend
    No one can lift you up like a good friend can. If you are feeling drained, pick up the phone. No, don’t text her. Call her. Even if the kids are fighting and you have to interrupt the conversation to pull someone off someone else, just make the call. It’s likely she’s in the same situation and she doesn’t care because she’s been dying to talk to a grown up, too!
  7. Seek God
    Pray every day – handing your problems over to God is so healing and freeing. Open your Bible and read the Word. When you feed your spirit, you give yourself the needed energy to deal with the world.
  8. Play
    Play! Play with your kids, your pets, your spouse, or your friends! Join a team, or take an evening to pull out board games and cards, eat some snacks, and commune with your people! Let competitiveness come out and burn off some steam and foster some good-hearted smack talk.
  9. Take a nap
    Because what recharges a tired body and mind like a snooze? Not much. Research says that even 10-20 minutes can leave you waking to a clear mind and fresh perspective. If you have the time, go for longer than 90 minutes (goals, people!) so you get a full REM cycle – but go at least 90 minutes so you don’t wake up with the dreaded sleep hangover!
  10. Pamper yourself
    Take the time to be good to your body. Get a pedicure. Treat yourself to a massage. Heck, go for a weekend spa getaway with your BFF or spouse. Turn off your cell phone, get a sitter, and spend some time on you. Think self-care is expensive? Think again! You can give yourself a full facial, pedicure, manicure, or skin treatment at home with Perfectly Posh products all priced at under $25 each, with week’s worth of uses in each product!

What are your favorite ways to fill your cup? Leave your ideas in the comments!

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