Ashley Does: Sorry, Instant Pot, It’s Not Going To Happen (A Love Letter To My Slow Cooker)

I know you want in my kitchen, Instant Pot. I know you do. You and your shiny, new, young, fast lifestyle.

Newsflash: I am not young, or new, or shiny, or fast.

I relish in things that take time. Life is so fast, and we miss so much by rushing around.

As for me and my house? We will honor the slow cooker.


A Love Letter to My Slow Cooker

Dear Slow Cooker,

We’ve been through a lot together, you and I. We’ve been together almost 10 years now, through three babies, cold winters, and many Pinterest recipe fails. You’ve never let me down, you gorgeous, programmable, stainless-steel coated piece of magic. And I promise not to trade you in for the younger, flashier model.

Why do I love you so?

You make me look good.

At 2 p.m. on a Tuesday, you take frozen chicken thighs that I forgot to thaw out (again) and a jar of salsa and have dinner on the table at 7 (making it look like I didn’t wait till the last second…again).

When given ground beef, spices, and tomatoes, you fill my house with tantalizing aromas all day long while tirelessly making perfect chili, every time.

That one time we made Pinterest hot chocolate on Christmas morning? That was epic. That was teamwork. You kept that creamy deliciousness warm for hours.

Every time I go to bed before adequately rinsing you out, your crockery still comes out of the dishwasher (bless your dishwasher safe crockery, BTW) perfectly clean the next day. I swear you know I just can’t handle another thing that I have to scrub clean.

You are a rock star.

Like me, you are older now. More tired. Scratched and dented. Bombarded by PYTs that threaten your confidence, maybe even your relationships.

I want you to know right now: It’s not going to happen. That shiny, fast, new contraption can’t take your place in my heart or my counter space. It’s you and me, friend, till death do us part.

There will always be something new. Something faster. Something  to lust after in the small kitchen appliances aisle at Target. But life isn’t always about new and fast. Sometimes, the best things in life are the things we wait 6-8 hours (on low) for.

Thank you, Slow Cooker, for all that you do. I love you, just the way you are.



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