Ashley Does: How To Blog With A Toddler In 30 Easy Steps!

How do Mom Bloggers do it all? How do they manage to corral an underfoot toddler while consistently putting out great content on a sometimes daily basis?

I’ve found the secret, friends.

This is How To Blog With A Toddler in 30 Easy Steps.

You can thank me later.


  1. Gather materials: leggings, messy bun, and coffee
  2. Turn on computer
  3. Get snacks and milk for toddler
  4. Input password on computer
  5. Turn on iPad and get toddler to their favorite app
  6. Open blog website
  7. Review stats
  8. Help toddler blow nose
  9. Wipe down iPad
  10. Come up with today’s title
  11. Clean up spilled snack and/or milk
  12. Let the dog outside – again
  13. Start typing
  14. Go upstairs to wipe a toddler tush
  15. Clean bathroom that toddler has “decorated”
  16. Warm up your coffee – again
  17. Turn the iPad on for toddler – again
  18. Let the dog in
  19. Realize the dog’s paws are muddy
  20. Clean kitchen floor
  21. Unload the dishwasher
  22. Hear the dryer timer go off – fold clothes in the dryer
  23. Put a new load of laundry in the washing machine
  24. Read a book to toddler
  25. Make lunch
  26. Put toddler down for a nap
  27. Eat your own lunch
  28. Realize you totally forgot what you were going to blog about in the first place
  29. Concede that today is just not the day
  30. Binge Netflix until toddler wakes up from nap

Then, try again tomorrow!

Bless all you #toddlermoms out there, especially those of you who try to work from home in any capacity. Let us raise our cold coffees in solidarity!

Till next time,

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