Ashley Does: Treat Yourself to A Pretty Things Subscription Box & Fill Your Cup!

Do you love trying new things? How about getting happy mail?

That’s what I thought – we ALL love getting fun, new things delivered to our door! And we absolutely deserve to treat ourselves to me time!

Because of this adoration, I have something super fantastic to share with you!

Y’all I am so excited I can hardly contain myself!

When Joe started ordering a monthly subscription box of surprise products, I started throwing around the idea of doing something similar with my Perfectly Posh business.

When it comes to skincare and pampering, it’s often hard to know where to start. I know it can be intimidating, and even just picking something to try can be really tough!

I’ve taken the guesswork out of it for you. Introducing: Pretty Things Subscription Boxes!

Pretty ThingsSubscriptionBoxes
They’re here!

Just imagine: You get a special delivery that you treated yourself to. A mixture of full sized Perfectly Posh products, samples, and extra pampering goodies (themed boxes are coming!) that you can utilize to #fillyourcup each month. You can even order extra boxes to send as gifts to those you love! (BOOM, gift-giving made easy!)

Are you excited yet?!

What makes me the most excited about these boxes is the opportunity to get creative in helping you take 15 minutes to fill your cup. Not sure where to start? There’s a box for that. Need kid-friendly products? There’s a box for that. Want to try ALL THE SCRUBBY THINGS? There’s a box for that!

Each box is fairly priced and will include value above and beyond what you pay. You can let me know your specific likes and interests and expect your box to be tailored to your personality and preferences. An added bonus: I’ll be getting to know you better through your Pretty Things Box!

I am seriously geeking out over these and I can’t wait to get yours going!

Getting signed up is easy – simply join my mailing list  for more information and to get your first order started. I am so excited to have the opportunity to serve you this way!

Want to be the first to know when exciting things are happening? Join us over at The Lounge on Facebook and gain access to exclusive content, giveaways, and announcements!

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