Ashley Does: Mother’s Day Gift Perfection

Every year you ask yourself the same question: What do I get Mom for Mother’s Day?

Let me help you make it really easy, shall I?

Being a mom myself, as well as the daughter of a mother, I have had a lot of time to think about this particular subject!

In the spirit of Mother’s Day, I’m featuring my favorite companies I have been introduced to by other mamas! These ladies are my friends and colleagues, the types of women who run their households and their businesses with passion. They are inspiring and I am so proud to be able to feature them here!

Without further ado: My roundup of fantastic Mother’s Day gift ideas that I think you will love!

The Ultimate Mother's Day Gift Guide - Ashley Does
Stressed & Blessed Mama

You know this mom. Always running around, putting everyone else’s needs first, getting her kids to every sport and after school activity while still having time for work, friends, and more! All moms have this type of Mama in them – these fantastic gifts will help the Mama in your life take some time to put herself first.

  • Perfectly Posh
    Taking 15 minutes to #fillyourcup will recharge you enough to be able to pour into others! Treating the Stressed & Blessed Mama to a long soak with All Mixd Up Bath Salts, an at home facial with one of our amazing masks, or a pedicure with a Snarky Bar and Schwanky & Soft Foot Creme so she can take the time to pamper herself on Mother’s Day. She’ll feel good about Perfectly Posh’s cruelty-free and naturally-based ingredients and you’ll feel good about the price tag – everything is under $25 and when you buy 5 you get 1 free!
    Perfectly Posh Has Great Mother's Day Gift Ideas!
  • The Gift Of A Clean House
    What mama wouldn’t appreciate a little help around the house? Schedule a housecleaning service or even carpet cleaning service to come help take some stress off the Stressed & Blessed Mama’s plate. While they are there doing their thing, treat your mom to a lunch she didn’t have to cook or clean up after!

Crafty Mama

Moms love handmade gifts! Many Mamas also love to be crafty themselves. Creating something for your mom or giving her what she needs to create something herself (hey, why not do it together?!) will touch the Crafty Mama’s heart on a deep level.

  • Uppercase Living
    You don’t have to be a crafty person to find the perfect Mother’s Day gift for a Crafty Mama! Grab an old window, a canvas, or even an old piece of wood and order an Uppercase Living vinyl to put on it! Instant gorgeous crafty gift! Uppercase Living is a high quality vinyl decor company. They offer thousands of beautiful expressions in over 50 fonts and colors or you can design your own. My friend Rachel is my Uppercase Living Consultant, a lover of words, a writer, a decorator, a mom, and a pastor’s wife. She would love to help you make the perfect Mother’s Day Gift!
    Uppercase Living's Beautiful Creations for Your Crafty Mama
  • Paint & Wine
    The Crafty Mama will probably go absolutely gaga over a paint and sip session – espeically with her favorite kid! (That’s you when you bring her to a place with painting and wine!) These fun clubs are popping up all over, and there are even some mamas making a business out of opportunities like Gallery On The Go, Chalky and Company, and more! A gift certificate for a Paint & Sip evening would be great, but you know what the Crafty Mama would like even more? For you to go with her. Trust me on this one.

Treat Yo’Self Mama

Everyone knows that mom that loves to take the time to treat herself in small ways – a new pair of shoes, some new jewelry, getting her nails done. This Mother’s Day, celebrate the Treat Yo’Self Mama and support other Moms running small businesses at the same time!

  • Jamberry
    Jamberry rocks! I personally love using the wraps and they are great on my girls’ nails, too! Your Treat Yo’Self Mama will have a blast giving herself a fun, easy at-home nail set when you give her the gift of Jams!
    Jamberry is a wonderful company that is constantly finding ways to give back. They have nail wraps, lacquer and gel as well as many hand and foot care items. The products are all free of the 8 most common chemicals found in other brands and they last for around two weeks! My go-to girl for Jams is Ashley Dodson – she’s a  wife to her Veteran hubby of 14 years and busy Momma to 5 amazing kiddos in beautiful Colorado! She has been with Jamberry for 3 years and loves making your nails look beautiful!
    Jamberry for Mother's Day!
  • Origami Owl
    I have only just discovered Origami Owl through my friend Brandie, but it has been around since 2010! The company was founded by then 14 year old Isabella Weems, after her parents encouraged her to start a business to earn money to purchase her first car. After selling her designs in a mall kiosk for 2 years, Bella opened her company up as a direct sales company in 2012.
    Why is this the perfect Mother’s Day gift? Because Origami Owl specializes in telling your story through a living locket – something that will speak to any Mama! They  do offer other jewelry options as well. Be sure to check out our brand new ‘Gifting Collection’: This collection offers ideas for bridal shower, teacher appreciation, graduates and of course, Mother’s Day! Brandie has been an independent designer with Origami Owl for almost 3 years now. She loves that it enables her to be a stay at home mama to her 4 year old firecracker. She’s also a Jesus loving, Army wife, coffee addict who is living the Colorado life!
    Origami Owl's New Gifting Collection for Mother's Day!

No matter what you get the Mom in your life for Mother’s Day, know this: as long as you have put some thought into showing her how much she means to you, she will love it. You don’t have to spend a fortune or plan something elaborate; moms love gestures, they love to be seen, and they love to be told how much they matter.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there!

Until next time,

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