Ashley Does: Just A Mom

I am just a mom.

Yes, I have an advanced degree, many marketable skills, and a strong work ethic.

But I chose a different path after my babies came.

And society isn’t so impressed by me. 


I am Just A Mom - and that's enough. There is value in me and my chosen life. It's time to stop looking to the world to find our value and start looking in our own hearts instead.Being “just a mom” isn’t good enough according to The World. In order to have value as a person/citizen of the world/whatever, you cannot simply be a mother. You must be the best mother.

You must work the hardest. You must be the busiest. You must be driven by the need to be better than the mom next to you. You must feel the need to prove yourself, your worthiness, by being the best at everything that you do.

If I have the best dressed kids, the most successful career, the cleanest home, the best behaved toddlers, and the best Pinterest worthy crafts hanging up in my house – I win. 

I have value. 

My life, my chosen path, is valuable.

Society, I love you. But you’ve got to stop. Just stop it right now.

Motherhood is a valuable path in life.

That’s it. no qualifiers. No “buts” or “only ifs”. Just that statement.

Motherhood is valuable. 

If you feed your kids a steady diet of prepackaged dinners or only organic from scratch meals. If you work outside the home or stay home. If you have one or twelve kids. If you love motherhood or resent it. If you are single or married or somewhere in between.

Motherhood is valuable. 

If you had babies at 16 or 36. If you have a nanny or your kids are in daycare. If you complain about motherhood or always have a sunny disposition. If you raise your family in the city or the ‘burbs. If you can’t stand other people’s kids or volunteer in classrooms hundreds of hours a year. If you leaped for joy or wept in fear when you found out you were expecting.

Motherhood is valuable. 

If your home is messy or spotless. If your clothes are stylish or stained. If you and the kids craft all day ‘erry day or if you seriously want to vomit at the sight of glue and glitter. If your life revolves around your children or not. If you went to college and went on to have the most amazing career or if that degree is gathering dust.

Motherhood is valuable. 

I’m just a mom.

But we all know there is so much more to it than just that.

There’s a little bit of all of us in each of us. (I tend to neglect the part of me that likes the house clean and my clothes stylish and my dinners home-made every night because that’s the season I am in, guys. It’s a busy, messy, convenience-driven season. But someday, that part of me will shine. I just know it.)

We are all valuable. Because we are mothers, because we are people, we have value.

Step away from Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook. Look to your family. Be present. Be who they need you to be. Be who you need you to be.  Find your value in whatever you deem as important but please, for your own sanity, don’t allow society or social media or even someone in your life tell you what you need to do or achieve in order to be valuable.

Because you already are.

Until next time,

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