Photo Cred to my friend Becky over at Be4Ever Young Photography!
I am Ashley, your resident Pretty Things Enthusiast! I am a wife to a wonderful man, a mother to three beautiful daughters, and a resident of Colorado. I love to write, and this blog was born out of the need for an emotional outlet.

My passion is women, mothers in particular, and helping them remember that they are the main character of their story. So often, we get caught up in what I like to call “The Mompetition.” We work harder, do more, stress more, and take care of ourselves less in order to keep up with the “ideal” of motherhood that has been presented to us.

Y’all, excuse my language but that “ideal” is crap. I love me some social media (Pinterest and Instagram are LIFE) but it has done awful things to us as women! The expectations we put on ourselves and our children and our lives have gotten incredibly out of control, and it’s time to remember a few things:

  • You can’t pour from an empty cup. Filling yourself first is the only way to be the best you you can be.
  • There is no one who can do your life. No one who can parent your children, partner with your husband, or do your work like you do.
  • At the end of the day, your measure of success is what you decide it to be. Not what the internet says, but what you decide.

I am so excited for you to be part of the Ashley Does community and give me the opportunity to inspire you to take care of yourself first, your family second, and the “ideals” of the world…maybe never.

I love connecting with my readers via social media! You can find me at:

Instagram: @ashleydoes_prettythings
Twitter/Periscope: @ashley_does

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