Ashley Does: 30 Day Fill Your Cup Challenge – Week 1 & A Giveaway!

Have you started the 30 Day Fill Your Cup Challenge yet?

I hope you have. You are worth 15 minutes a day to #fillyourcup and make sure you are the best you you can be!

Since it’s Monday, I’m posting a little reminder just in case you got behind over the weekend. Not that that could ever happen, right?! Continue reading “Ashley Does: 30 Day Fill Your Cup Challenge – Week 1 & A Giveaway!”

Ashley Does: Freedom Friday (Freedom From The Mompetition – Updated)

This article was originally published December 6, 2014. I have come a long way since this post, and SO much has changed. But one thing hasn’t: the deep, burning desire to distance myself from the Mompetition. It felt like the right time to share this with you again – I hope it brings you some freedom today!

Not enough.

Those are the two words I spoke at our church’s Women’s Conference two years ago. They had asked us to come up to the front and speak the words that we had identified with, whatever those may be, and then speak the words that God actually uses to identify us. Continue reading “Ashley Does: Freedom Friday (Freedom From The Mompetition – Updated)”

Ashley Does: No New Year’s Resolutions!


Every year it’s the same thing:

I’ll lose weight
I’ll save money
I’ll get organized
I’ll be better/faster/stronger

When is the last time you made a New Year’s Resolution and actually stuck to it?

Yeah, same here.

So this year, I have decided not to make any New Year’s Resolutions.

At the end of the day, resolutions are easy to break. I can resolve to go to the gym, but then three weeks later find myself sleeping in again, and wasting the money I spent on that membership.

I can resolve to organize my life, but soon enough the piles of stuff start to accumulate again.

So, what can I do to better myself in the new year? Continue reading “Ashley Does: No New Year’s Resolutions!”

Ashley Does: The “Day After The Presidential Election” Talk

Everyone is asking, “What will we tell the children?”

Some are nervous, some are scared, some are angry.

Honestly, do you want to tell them anything while you’re in that state?

Will showing your children how to be scared, nervous, and angry help them right now?

When Olivia, my oldest daughter, woke up today, the first thing she asked was, “Who won the election?”

This is how I answered her. Continue reading “Ashley Does: The “Day After The Presidential Election” Talk”

Ashley Does: The Question That Broke My Heart

My daughter asked a question today that I was not ready for.

I thought I had years before this question. Hoped I did.

I was completely taken aback, I had no idea what to say to her.

Today, my 8-year-old looked at her sister and asked:

“Does this make me look fat?”

And my heart broke.  Continue reading “Ashley Does: The Question That Broke My Heart”

Ashley Does: A Prayer For My Girls


In this season of mothering tiny humans, I often think about the lives I hope they have some day. And the challenges they will face along the way to becoming who they are supposed to be.

It’s scary. The world today, with technology and apps and bullies and pressure, it’s scary for our children. We were just talking this morning at MOPS about children having to pick a sport and a track at age eight. As a second grader, children are expected to know what they are going to be passionate about for the remainder of their adolescence so they can be successful at it – if she isn’t on the volleyball team at age eight, she definitely isn’t making the team as a teenager.

It’s lunacy.

But it’s their world. All I can do as their mother is help guide them through it.

Thank goodness I have backup.  Continue reading “Ashley Does: A Prayer For My Girls”

Ashley Does: Anxiety Girl vs The Holy Spirit

Our pastor tells us that if we don’t have questions about our faith, we aren’t doing it right.

Good to know I am doing it so right.

I’ve had the same question for the last 6 months: How can I tell the difference between a feeling or word from the Holy Spirit and my run-of-the-mill anxiety? Which feeling do I follow? How do I know, Lord? Continue reading “Ashley Does: Anxiety Girl vs The Holy Spirit”