Ashley Does: Salute to Working Parents

It’s Working Parent’s Day.

I know this day is probably supposed to be for parents who work outside the home.

I was that parent for the first 2 years of my oldest daughter’s life. It’s a hard road to walk down. Knowing that someone else witnessed your child’s first steps, or first words, or an injury, or a victory…it’s hard. I have nothing but respect and compassion for parents who work outside the home. Y’all deserve all the props and paid vacation in the world.

This post is geared toward parents who work from home, but I think every working parent will find value here!
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Ashley Does: One of Those Days

Some days are just “those days.”

Two of five family members got NO sleep last night.

We woke up late.

No one had breakfast. (#MomWin)

Got cut off in the drop off line at school.

Looked like a bum.

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