Ashley Does: Freedom Friday (Freedom From The Mompetition – Updated)

This article was originally published December 6, 2014. I have come a long way since this post, and SO much has changed. But one thing hasn’t: the deep, burning desire to distance myself from the Mompetition. It felt like the right time to share this with you again – I hope it brings you some¬†freedom today!

Not enough.

Those are the two words I spoke at our church’s Women’s Conference two years ago. They had asked us to come up to the front and speak the words that we had identified with, whatever those may be, and then speak the words that God actually uses to identify us. Continue reading “Ashley Does: Freedom Friday (Freedom From The Mompetition – Updated)”

Ashley Does: One of Those Days

Some days are just “those days.”

Two of five family members got NO sleep last night.

We woke up late.

No one had breakfast. (#MomWin)

Got cut off in the drop off line at school.

Looked like a bum.

But the Lord is faithful, so these days usually land on Thursdays. And on Thursdays, we have MOPS. Continue reading “Ashley Does: One of Those Days”