Ashley Does: Family Road Trip

Have you ever had the crazy idea to take your small children on a road trip?

Because really what could go wrong with tiny humans locked in a car for an extended period of time?

We have always been a family who travels via car so when the opportunity came up to attend Perfectly Posh’s Ultimate Day Away we decided to make it a family affair.

As such, all five of us took a road trip to Salt Lake City this past weekend.

Seven and a half tiny hours in the van with three kids. Each way.

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Ashley Does: Family Weekend

Let me just start with this statement: We are a fivesome of weirdos. We know it, we own it. We relish in it.

On Saturday morning, Joe and I were lying in bed talking about what to do with the day (while the girls made a mess of the kitchen and watched cartoons, of course).

The conversation went like this:
“What do you have planned today?”
“I have to go to the post office and be at church at 4:45 for nursery duty, but other than that we have no plans.”
“Cool! Want to go for a walk?”

So obviously we ended up taking a road trip to Laramie, Wyoming.
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