Ashley Does: The Donut Floatie

You guys I totally started writing this post last summer and completely forgot about it! It still rings true today so I finished it, and am posting it here. Finally!

There are days that being a mom to three girls is more trying than others.

This day last summer was not one of those days.

One of my beloved friends called us to invite us to the pool. My first reaction was “HECK NO!” I have three children, the smallest of which is 2 1/2 and very independent. I could not imagine trying to keep track of all of them in what is basically a giant, crowded death trap.

Then I got to thinking. What kind of an example is that setting for them? Do I want them to spend their entire summer locked up in the house just so we don’t have to take any risks?

Of course not.

So we went.

And we had the best time. Even when Caroline escaped the baby pool, ran across the concrete and jumped into the “big” pool with her donut floatie – that girl is FAST and QUIET! And a fearless third child who gives no hecks about the scary parts of life.

I love that about her.

I love that as my third child, I can calmly follow her across the concrete into the big pool. My third and last baby. My “ER baby.” My sweet, fit throwing, independent, giving, demanding, food loving baby girl. The one that gets away with murder because she has the most adorable troublemaker grin you’ve ever seen.

I love that I know now, after 7 years of doing this mommy thing, that not everything is an emergency situation. That it’s OK to take risks and jump without looking sometimes. (And also that donut floaties are THE BEST thankyoujesusforthelittlethings.)

You learn things along the way on this Mom journey. I firmly believe that it doesn’t matter how many kids you have, eventually you will learn all the lessons you are supposed to learn about how to chill the heck out, enjoy the little things, let them dress themselves. Especially on school picture day!

Eventually you will see that they are going to throw fits and get mad and be disappointed and make terrible choices and really not like you sometimes.

And that it’s OK. It’s expected. It’s part of this whole life thing.

There is always that donut floatie in life, there to hug them tight and keep them out of harm’s way.

That’s you, Mama.

You are the life saving device that your children depend upon when they do stupid things and jump too soon into something too big for them.

They may not always like you. They may try to escape you, damage you so you can’t hinder their movement anymore, or ignore your presence completely.

But you are made of tougher rubber than that.

You are MOM.

And you got this.

(My three gorgeous reasons to be fearless!)

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